Hey hey hey, it’s Doug.

I’m from Burlington, VT (Our airport code is BTV, hence dougbtv).

I love to slang code, especially in the MEAN stack, with a lot of experience in the LAMP stack. I’m all about open source software, and GNU/Linux. I’m a developer at heart, but, I love Linux systems, databases, and devops. I also work a lot on telephony, and custom Asterisk apps at work. Oh yeah, I like mobile dev to an extent too.

Some links to projects I’m involved with and/or interested in:

This entire blog is written in markdown, and is available as a github repo, if you want to get some content out of it in a different way than say, just loading up this web page.


Here’s some of the technology that I employ professionally on a daily basis, and that I’m frankly… in love with.

As a hobby, and sometimes semi-professionally, I also get a big charge out of:


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