Bootstrap a kpm registry to run a kpm registry

Yo dawg… I heard you like kpm-registries. So I bootstrapped a kpm-registry so you can deploy a kpm-registry from a kpm-registry.

So, I was deploying my kpm registry using a public, and beta kpm registry, and this happens right about the time I’m about to give a demo of spinning up stackanetes, and I need a kpm registry for that… But, the beta kpm registry ( was down, argh/fiddlesticks!. So I went through and deploy a kpm registry so I can push a kpm registry package to run it. In the meanwhile I also opened a kpm issue, too.

Why the extra steps here, like… If you can run a kpm registry without a kpm registry, why would you do it? The thing is… Then I’m managing it myself (between a single docker container and a gunicorn web app), instead of having Kubernetes (k8s) manage it for me. And I want k8s to do the work. So I just bootstrap it, then I can deploy it as k8s pods.

This already assumes that you have kpm (the client) installed. If you don’t have kpm installed, go ahead and use my ansible galaxy role to do so. Which will give you a clone of the kpm client in /usr/src/kpm/

Also make sure you have gunicorn (the “green unicorn”, a Python web server gateway interface) installed.

$ sudo yum install -y python-gunicorn

It requires etcd to be present, so get up etcd first.

$ docker run --name tempetcd -dt -p 2379:2379 -p 2380:2380 /usr/local/bin/etcd -listen-client-urls, -advertise-client-urls http://$,

Now you can run the registry API server with gunicorn, a la:

$ pwd
$ gunicorn kpm.api.wsgi:app -b :5555

And then you can push the kpm-registry packages, but only after you set the proper tag in the manifest, because there isn’t a pushed image for this particular tag.

$ pwd
$ sed -i 's/v0.21.2/v0.21.1/' manifest.jsonnet 
$ kpm push -H http://localhost:5555 -f
package: coreos/kpm-registry (0.21.2-4) pushed

Can we it deploy kpm-registry now? Not quite… We also have to push the coreos/etcd package to our bootstrapping registry. And I found the manifest for it in the kubespray/kpm-packages repo.

$ cd /usr/src/
$ git clone
$ cd kpm-packages/
$ cd coreos/etcdv3
$ pwd
$ kpm push -H http://localhost:5555 -f
$ kpm list -H http://localhost:5555
app                  version    downloads
-------------------  ---------  -----------
coreos/etcd          3.0.6-1    -
coreos/kpm-registry  0.21.2-4   -

Now you should be able to deploy a kpm registry from the bootstrapping registry via:

$ kpm deploy coreos/kpm-registry --namespace kpm -H http://localhost:5555
create coreos/kpm-registry 

 01 - coreos/etcd:
 --> kpm (namespace): created
 --> etcd-kpm-1 (deployment): created
 --> etcd-kpm-2 (deployment): created
 --> etcd-kpm-3 (deployment): created
 --> etcd-kpm-1 (service): created
 --> etcd-kpm-2 (service): created
 --> etcd-kpm-3 (service): created
 --> etcd (service): created

 02 - coreos/kpm-registry:
 --> kpm (namespace): ok
 --> kpm-registry (deployment): created
 --> kpm-registry (service): created

Voila! Now you can tear down the bootstrapping registry if you’d like, e.g. stop the docker container and the API server as run by gunicorn.