Asterisk+Debian RaspberryPi Image for Download

Torrent: debian_asterisk18_2012-06-04.img.gz.torrent [Magnet URL]
SHA-1: c21807659d045a3b9e942313d516412072db1ac5

Debian Squeeze (debian6-19-04-2012) + Asterisk 1.8.13rc2 For Raspberry Pi. The Image.

Asterisk features installed:
- Jabber / GTalk (for Google Voice)
- No ODBC.
- No FreePBX.

The only alterations are:
- Root password is: root
- User “pi” password is: raspberry (that’s actually default)
- Static IP @
- SSH Daemon starts at boot
- Dependencies for Asterisk installed
- Asterisk 1.8.13 rc 2 installed.
- Asterisk source in /usr/src
- Asterisk starts at boot

Requires: 2 gig (preferably 4 gig or more) SD card.

You should gunzip the image (I’ve made that mistake!).
You must resize the partition after you flash it.
For instructions see:

Flashing the card is easy, too:

Want to know more? Here’s where I documented my steps while creating this image.

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